Best Kitchen Tools of 2020

Top 12 Must Have Best Kitchen Tools to Simplify Your Cooking Life

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If you are looking to gift some latest kitchen gadgets to your friends and loved ones who love to spend time in the kitchen then here are some of the latest and best cooking gadgets that you can easily shop online. These kitchen utensils can save your day when you will experiment with your first favourite dish in your kitchen. The most exciting thing is that these kitchen appliances are available online at a great discount. So, get ready to find the best kitchen utensils to gift your loved ones. Here are the top 12 best kitchen appliances that can simplify your cooking, and you can also gift it to your friend.


  1.   Pigeon Handy Chopper 

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This is of the bestselling kitchen accessories on Amazon. It allows you to chop fine vegetables evenly within seconds. It has 3 stainless steel blades for precision cutting and it does not require electricity you can operate it mechanically. It is built with ABS plastic which makes it durable, and it is available in multiple colours. So why to risk your fingers with a knife when you can chop your veggies evenly with Piegon Handy Chopper. 


  1.   Manual Knife Sharpener

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The knife is the most common and essential kitchen tool in every household. Many of us discard old kitchen knives when its edges get blunt. Blunt edge is one of the most frequent problems that every household face daily. This gadget will be your saviour. This specially designed knife sharpener can sharp any type of knife. You can also sharpen your scissor with this tool. This knife sharpener will sharpen your knife in 3- steps to give it clear and fine sharp edges.


  1.   Pav Bhaji Masher

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This Pav Bhaji masher is also known as a potato masher. It can be used to mash bhaji, potato and other vegetables. It gives you a perfect grip with its heat resistant handle. Build with stainless steel body is easy to clean after use.


  1.   Non-Electric Hand Blender

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Built with stainless steel blades this hand blender does not require any electronic power to function. It is built up with an ABS plastic body and has multi-purpose use. It is an ideal product for beating cream, eggs and liquidizing soup, dal, milkshake and lassi. Available in multi-colour variant and designs and can be easily cleaned after use.


  1.   Grill Sandwich Toaster 

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The sandwich is a most loved breakfast all across the world. This sandwich maker is the best cooking gadget to satisfy your morning hunger. It is built with German technology and has heat resistant Bakelite body which makes it a perfect kitchen tool to gift your friend. It has non-stick aluminium grill plates so you don’t require to apply oil. This toaster is easy to use and clean. and comes with a one-year company warranty.


  1.   Philips HD7431 Coffee Maker

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This would be the best kitchen appliances for the coffee lover. Sip the tastiest coffee with your favourite book in your hand. This coffee maker comes with 2-year Philips warranty and has a capacity of brewing 0.6-litre coffee in 10 minutes. It can be easily maintained and comes with a detachable filter holder and drip-stop. Get this latest kitchen gadget at a discounted price from Amazon.


  1.   Wonderchef Juicer Mixer Grinder

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This season beat the heat with Wonderchef Nutri-blend Juicer Mixer Grinder. Built with 400W powerful motor this grinder has multipurpose activity. It comes with 2 interchangeable jars and stainless-steel sharp blades. Blend your shakes, smoothies, dry masalas, and chutneys with this grinder. This product comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty.


  1. Inalsa Hand Mixer

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This is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. Mix your chunky ingredients with this powerful hand blender. From stirring Choco chips to whipping egg white creams and blending other ingredients. This is a perfect appliance for every kitchen. This kitchen appliance includes two stainless steel detachable with a mixer with one-year company warranty.


  1. Best Mealthy Multipot:- Electric Pressure Cooker

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One of the favourite kitchen appliances of Americans, this electric pressure cooker has multi-purpose cooking options like (pressure cooker, rice cooker slow cooker, yoghurt maker, saute/browning, steamer, and warmer) which allows you to cook anytime from simple dinner to busy night family gathering.


  1. HyperChiller

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This latest kitchen gadget can be carried easily anywhere. This HyperChiller is a perfect tool to make a perfect chilled ice coffee in a minute. You can also enjoy chilled wine and spirits with this cool kitchen gadget. It can chill the 130-degree hot coffee in one minute. This innovative product can save hundreds of your dollar every month that you may spend on coffee and chilled wines. Made with food-grade stainless steel it is easy to wash and use.


  1. Prestige Aluminum Pressure Cooker 

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This is a must-have product for any kitchen. The unique speciality of this cooker is that it comes with optional 3 separators which allows you to cook three items at a time. This will save both your time and energy. This aluminium body microwave is compatible with a gas stove. It has a comfortable handle for easy and perfect grip.

Note: – You can also use this cooker in the absence of microwave. Read another blog to know “How to use a pressure cooker in the absence of a microwave oven”.


  1. Best Stainless-Steel Whisk Pack of 2

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This is a must-have product of best kitchen tools 2020. Whisk is a perfect tool to whip fresh creams and whisking salad and hot coffee. These two whisks are made up of high graded stainless-steel material. Its sturdy handle gives you a perfect grip when whisking and whipping. Get the pack of two whisks from Amazon at the lowest price in the market.


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