Concealer: How To Choose The Best Models In 2022

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Concealer is an essential step in make-up for an even complexion and an enhanced look. You can opt for a light coverage that will bring a touch of radiance or a stronger coverage for a flawless complexion. Applying concealer enhances your eye makeup while ensuring a healthy glow. Only, there are many models, with several characteristics and different ways of applying it, so which one to choose? Here are our tips and favorites for choosing the concealer that’s right for you.

How To Choose Your Concealer?


Before acquiring a concealer, it is better to define the use and the rendering you want. There are products with a slight correction of dark circles and a natural look. Also, there are concealers with stronger coverage that highlight your eye makeup and will have a refreshing effect on your complexion. High-coverage products, however, will have a thicker material effect under your eyes, perhaps dehydrating.


The under the eyes is a very fragile area of ​​the face, so you have to be careful what product you apply there. First, we recommend that you opt for a product with moisturizing properties to dry out your skin as little as possible. Also, it is not recommended to use a product with oil which could grease your dark circles and cause the material to move.


There are several kinds of concealer applicator tips, each with their own unique characteristics. The most common is the foam tip, which allows you to correctly dose the amount of material needed. Also, there are more precise and skin-friendly micro-fiber tips. Finally, some concealers have a bristle brush tip, which picks up more product than foam to achieve more coverage in one stroke.

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How Do I Choose My Concealer Shade?

We recommend choosing a shade lighter than your skin tone. So you can apply it on light areas (forehead, nose, dark circles, chin) to illuminate your complexion.

When Should I Apply It In My Makeup?

It is usual to apply concealer after foundation. However, if it is “color correcting”, it applies after the base and before the foundation. We advise you to powder your concealer to prevent it from moving and slipping into the creases, even if you have dry skin. In this case, be sure to opt for a specific eye contour treatment and a moisturizing concealer.

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