Mobile split air conditioner: How to Find The best models in 2022

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The best way to beat the heat in the summer is by installing a mobile split air conditioner in your home. It is not only a powerful device but it is also very practical because you can move it whenever and wherever you want! However, choosing and buying your own mobile split air conditioner is not as easy as it may seem because there is a wide variety of models on the market today.

Here is our comparison of the best models of mobile split air conditioners so that you can find yours!

What is a Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

A mobile split air conditioner as its name suggests, “split” which means separation in English, is made up of two separate blocks. Unlike one-piece portable air conditioners, split variants have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

The block that is found outside is the unit that manages the air condensation, where we will also find the compressor, which explains why it is the noisiest part. This is the reason why split models are the quietest air conditioners on the market, since the block inside your home does not have the compressor. Mobile air conditioners have sound levels of up to 64 dB.

Most mobile split air conditioners are also reversible. That is to say, they act as air conditioner in summer and heating in winter. In view of their performance, portable air conditioners are more expensive than other types of air conditioners, but they are definitely worth it.

What Are The Types Of Split Air Conditioners?

You want to install a split air conditioner to cool the rooms of your home but you don’t know which model to take? Here is an explanation of the different types of split air conditioners!


-mounted split air conditioner is an appliance consisting of two units. An indoor unit and another that will be found outside, which will be connected by a sheath. You don’t need to worry about the look of your living room or office by installing a wall-mounted model because the ducts will be installed in the walls.

For its advantages, a wall-mounted split air conditioner is very quiet and has the ability to cool large areas. The only downside of this model is that you have to call a professional to install it because this process turns out to be complicated.

The price of this model is around 1000 to 2000 dollars.

Mobile Split Air Conditioner

Like the first type of split air conditioner, this one also has two units which will be connected by a duct. The outdoor unit, which will be fixed outside the house, is connected by a flexible sheath to the indoor unit.

Mobile split air conditioners have a second duct that will serve as a hot air exhaust. This machine has wheels and/or a handle to be able to move it from one room to another. This is the ideal type of split air conditioner for small spaces.

However, unlike the wall-mounted split air conditioner, the majority of mobile split air conditioners are not reversible but they are still quiet than other air conditioner models.

Ducted split

air conditioner The ducted split air conditioner is the latest model in the split air conditioner family. Prefer this model if you do not want a machine that will take up space either on the wall or on the floor at home! The biggest advantage of the ducted split air conditioner is its invisibility. The only thing visible is the air vent in the ceiling.

This device is invisible because it is integrated into the air distribution ducts. To install it, you would need a false ceiling or a lost attic. Its greatest advantage apart from its invisibility is that it is equipped with a filtration system to purify and dehumidify the air.

Why Buy A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

climatiseur mobile split sur une caravane.

The split system of air conditioners proves to be efficient and more practical for cooling larger surfaces or for cooling more rooms, which is why this model is very well sold on the market despite its sometimes too high price.

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What are the other reasons why you should buy a mobile split air conditioner?

A truly silent air

conditioner Apart from silent mobile monobloc air conditioners, mobile split air conditioners are also devices that emit little noise since the noisy part, the part where the air is evacuated, where the compressor is located is in the outdoor unit of the device.

Easy to move

Equipped with wheels and/or a handle, the split air conditioner is mobile and can be moved with ease. You will have the ability to put it where you want and move it when you want! You will also have the chance to install it in any rooms that need to be refreshed!

A more affordable split air conditioner

Unlike other split air conditioner models, the mobile variant is less expensive because it requires little maintenance to keep it running smoothly. You escape the mandatory regular visits for losses caused by the lack of insulation.

Mobile split air conditioners are also less expensive than fixed models because they do not need a fastening system. If you want to have a split air conditioner but you don’t want to spend more than a thousand dollars, here is the solution for you!

The ideal air conditioner for large areas

The mobile split air conditioner is not only practical but it is also a powerful machine, with an output of up to 12,000 BTUs or 3,500 watts. With this power, this model of air conditioner is capable of cooling all rooms up to 50 m2.

Easy installation

With a mobile split air conditioner, you don’t need complicated or specific installation. You just have to place one unit inside and another outside and then connect them with a sheath and finally, you just have to plug the device into an electrical outlet for it to start. So there is no need to call a professional.

Other features

Mobile split air conditioners are both powerful and versatile devices. For many models, they are equipped with a reversible system which will allow you to benefit from two devices in one. An air conditioner to cool you down on hot days in summer and heating in winter!

These models of air conditioners often come with a remote control, a timer, an automatic sleep mode and other useful features! But beware, the more features a mobile split air conditioner model has, the more its price will increase!

How to Choose Your Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Mobile split air conditioners are the most popular models of air conditioners but that does not mean that all mobile split air conditioners will meet your needs and expectations. Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing the mobile split air conditioner model for you.


When buying household appliances, power is one of the first criteria you should look at. For air conditioning units, we speak of cooling capacity, expressed in BTU. The higher its value, the more your air conditioner will be able to cool a larger space!

So choose a model with a cooling capacity that will correspond to the size of the room in which you are going to put your mobile split air conditioner. Remember that if you take an undersized mobile split air conditioner, you risk over-consumption of energy from your device and if not, if you take an oversized machine, it will not be sufficient to cool the desired space.

To remember

  • For a room of 15 m2, opt for a device with a power of 7000 BTU or 2050 watts.
  • For a room of 25 m2, opt for a device with a power of 9000 BTU or 2600 watts.
  • For a room of 35 m2, opt for a device with a power of 12,000 BTU or 3500 watts.
  • For a room of 54 m2, opt for a device with a power of 14,000 BTU or 4100 watts.
  • For a room of 60 m2 or more, opt for a device with a power of 18,000 BTU or 5200 watts.

Energy consumption

The second criterion to take into account is energy efficiency. Mobile split air conditioners are powerful devices so the energy efficiency of these machines is not to be neglected!

Today, household appliances are classified according to their energy consumption and this is measured by the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) or the coefficient of energy efficiency. This coefficient makes it possible to show consumers whether the appliance is more or less energy-intensive. These coefficients are presented in the form of labels stuck on the device when they are on sale. They go from A to G.

The further down the class you go, the higher the energy consumption of your air conditioner will be. Opt for class A appliances (A, A+ and A+++).

Noise level

To cool off on summer evenings without being disturbed, opt for a silent portable air conditioner. What you should know is that split air conditioners are generally quieter than other air conditioning devices since the noisy part is found outside your home.

Mobile split air conditioners have sound levels around 45 to 65 dB. Admittedly, they are quieter than other models but that does not mean that they will emit 0 noise. So opt for a model that has the “night mode” / “silent mode” functionality.

This is a good feature to have when you plan to put your mobile split air conditioner in your bedroom.

Other features

Depending on the model you choose, various additional features will be offered.

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First of all, there is for most mobile split air conditioners, the reversibility system that allows the machine to work as an air conditioner and as a heater. In addition, other features can be added such as dehumidifier, fan, timer, silent mode, and many others. However, the more functionality a mobile split air conditioner has, the higher its price will be.

The design

Unlike wall-mounted split air conditioners, mobile models are more cumbersome since they will take up space on the floor. However, they will be much less bulky than mobile packaged air conditioners.

Take a model that will match your personal taste and visual preferences.

The temperature

range The temperature range of mobile split air conditioners is generally between 16 to 30°C. If you have a well-sized air conditioner, it will have no problem reducing the ambient temperature in your well-insulated room by two degrees in 30 minutes.

What you need to know is when a device is able to reduce a temperature well, the more it will cost and the more energy it will consume!

How Does a Mobile Split Air Conditioner Work?

To fully understand how a mobile split air conditioner works. We must first understand what the word “split” means. This word is the English word for separation which explains why split air conditioners have two different units.

They are composed of a unit installed indoors which is dedicated to the controls of the device and to evaporation and another, installed outdoors where we will find the compressor and the condenser.

The mobile split air conditioner will transmit the warm ambient air from inside your home to the outside thanks to a pipe system which will provide the refrigerant connection system. The pipe that connects the two units can be easily disconnected.

Mobile split air conditioners are provided with wheels that allow them to move from one room to another, which makes them much more practical than other units.

How to Install a Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Compared with other split air conditioner models, the mobile split air conditioner is easy to install. You must install the indoor unit near a window or a hole through which you will pass the hot air exhaust duct. You need to put it in a place where there are few obstacles such as furniture.

For the noisy unit, the part that you will place outside, you must install it far from your rooms or far from your neighbors in order to avoid noise pollution. As far as possible, install the outdoor unit in a shaded area, away from the sun, which could damage your device in the long term. To avoid this kind of problem, you can also use an air conditioner cover for the outdoor unit to shelter your device!

If you have a mobile multisplit air conditioner, i.e. you have several indoor units to cool several rooms of your home at the same time, install the indoor units correctly in each room in which you want to put them and connect them to the outdoor unit with the ducts supplied.

How To Maintain Your Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Like its installation, the maintenance of a mobile split air conditioner is not complicated. But before you start any sort of cleaning or manipulation of the device, remember to unplug it.

For the exterior part of your device, all you need is a damp cloth or sponge to clean the surface.

For the filters, you can clean them with a cloth to dust it but for better cleaning, vacuum all the dust from your filters using your vacuum cleaner and then wash them under running water with a little soap.

And finally, for the descaling of your machine, you can do it thanks to the specific descaling product sold by the brand of your mobile split air conditioner.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

The filters are cleaned at least every two weeks during periods of use. The complete cleaning and descaling of the appliance must be carried out at least once a year.

Where Should You Place A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

You should place the indoor unit next to an opening (window, door, hole) to pass the hot air exhaust duct but also an electrical outlet to plug it in. For the outdoor unit, place away from your bedrooms and neighbors for best use.

Should You Ask For Permission To Use A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Like all air conditioning devices with an outdoor unit, you should declare its use to the town hall by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After one month of the request, if you still have not received a response, know that the absence of a response means the acceptance of the request.

Do You Need A Professional To Install A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

For the installation of a mobile split air conditioner, you don’t really need a professional because the operation is not as complex as it may seem. Just don’t forget to read the instructions for your device before doing it yourself.

But in the event of a breakdown, particularly at the level of the refrigerant fluid control, you will be advised to call a professional who will have the necessary skills for this type of problem.

Can Mobile Split Air Conditioners Replace My Heating?

This will entirely depend on the model you have chosen, some of them are reversible and have heating functionality. In this case, they will generate heat through a heat pump system.

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Are Mobile Split Air Conditioners Quiet?

Like all other air conditioning devices that have a compressor system to cool and circulate the air, mobile split air conditioners emit noise but they are much quieter than other models such as monobloc air conditioners because the part that makes the most noises is outside. They also sometimes have a night mode or a silent mode.

Do You Need A Specific Cable To Use A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Portable split air conditioners use a typical electrical outlet which is the 120 volt outlet and do not require a special cable. On the other hand, read the manual of your device carefully because some models may require additional specificities!

How To Save Energy By Using Your Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

In order not to over-consume energy with your appliance, reduce the power of your mobile split air conditioner by practicing the following good manners:

  • Do not put it too close to other household appliances which can affect its energy consumption such as a refrigerator , a lamp, etc.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight
  • And finally, insulate the room in which you are going to put your mobile split air conditioner by closing the shutters well during the day and ventilating the room well in the evening!
  • Also avoid plugging your mobile air conditioner into a double socket to avoid overconsumption.

⚠️ Always keep a difference of 6°C between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature to keep your device running smoothly!

Monosplit Air Conditioner Or Multisplit Air Conditioner?

Before starting the comparison of the two models, know first of all that almost all monosplit and multisplit air conditioners are reversible so they act as an air conditioner and a heater. This reversibility system also allows these devices to reduce their energy consumption, which is always a plus!

Monosplit air conditioner

This unit is made up of two units, an indoor unit which serves as the unit’s control unit and as an evaporator and an outdoor unit which serves as a condenser. These two units which will then be linked by an evacuation duct.

Split Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, the split air conditioner will have multiple indoor and outdoor units. With this model, you will be able to refresh several areas of your home at the same time.

The only downside of this model is that it has several units so you would need several evacuation ducts, which makes them less practical than monosplits.

The choice between these two models depends entirely on your personal needs. If you want to have several air conditioners that will cool you throughout the day in several rooms of your home, then covering more surface area, opt for the multisplit model. But if you are going to use the air conditioner in one place at a time, opt for the mobile monosplit air conditioner!

What Budget For A Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

You will find mobile split air conditioners between less than 630 dollars to 2250 dollars.

  • The entry level is between 630 dollars to 1700 dollars.
  • The mid-range between 1700 dollars to 2000 dollars.
  • And finally, the high end between 2000 dollars to 2250 dollars. Most of the time, to justify the price of high-end devices, they are reversible. They act as air conditioning and heating.

What Is The Best Mobile Split Air Conditioner?

Our favorite mobile split air conditioner is the Remko RKL 495 DC S-Line. It is a model capable of cooling and dehumidifying a large room of up to 80 m2 thanks to its power of 4,300 watts. It is very easy to transport thanks to its wheels and its handle, it is also not bulky thanks to its compact dimensions so you no longer need to worry about space.

It is a silent device even with a fairly high power with a low noise level of 57 dB. You could use it in your rooms without any problems!

It will also be able to adjust its temperature, its intensity and therefore its power according to the ambient temperature of the place in which it is located thanks to its Inverter technology.

Mobile Split Air Conditioner Brands


logo technibel

French brand, created in Lyon in 1958. Technibel now belongs to the Swedish group Nibe, which is the European leader for its range of heat pumps. It is appreciated thanks to its reliable and very high quality products that are still affordable.


logo Eurom

Eurom is an international brand recognized for its heating appliances but also for its good quality air conditioning appliances. If you have a small budget, go for this brand.


logo Rexair

Rexair is a French brand recognized for its dehumidification products, for its swimming pool heaters and for air conditioning devices.


logo Remko

If you want to invest in a very good mobile split air conditioner and you have a reasonable budget, opt for the Remko brand, well-known for their heating and air conditioning devices, particularly for their range of split air conditioners. In the event of a problem, the Remko brand also has a good after-sales service.


logo trotec

German brand, European leader in the air conditioning sector. It is recognized for its high-end products, at rather high prices but which are worth it!

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