Pasta Maker: How To Choose The Best Models of 2022

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Tired of industrial pasta? So invest in your own pasta maker. This will allow you to create fresh pasta in the desired shapes and lengths. A true institution of Italian cuisine, this device has been used in many kitchens in recent years. Manual or electric? To guide you, we have selected and compared several models to help you make the choice that suits you.

How To Choose A Pasta Machine?

To choose the pasta machine that perfectly meets your expectations, you must take into account a certain number of criteria. In order to best meet your general use of the product, here are some important points not to be overlooked when making your purchase.

Maintenance and cleaning of the machine

Depending on the type of machine you choose, maintenance will not be the same. The best for less and quick maintenance is to choose a model whose parts are removable and therefore easier to clean. To do this, all you have to do is brush off the paste residues after waiting for them to dry. Depending on the material that constitutes them, you will even be able to put the accessories in the dishwasher, such as the Philips models for example.

The Material of manufacture

It is preferable to favor a pasta machine whose materials are robust, such as stainless steel like the Sailnovo model in order to guarantee a long life and ease of maintenance (dishwasher) . Steel or aluminum are also strong unlike plastic, but they have the disadvantage of rusting over time. That said, a plastic machine can do the trick if you don’t use it too often and it will have the advantage of being much lighter than the others.

The price

There are pasta machines at all prices, ranging from around thirty euros for a classic sheeter such as the Sailnovo and the Marcato or to more than 300 euros for the most sophisticated from Philipps. Rest assured, to get good fresh pasta you don’t need to spend so much. The fact of making your own pasta is certainly a pleasure, but it must be a minimum of economy. Depending on how often you use it, you will go for the model that for you is the most profitable.

The price also varies according to the material, ranging from plastic for the first prices to stainless steel for a few tens of euros more expensive. It will then be better to pay a little more for a product that will also last longer.

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Compatible accessories

The choice of pasta machine model is also made according to the accessories offered with the model. For example, if you want to make Farfalle yourself, a machine like the Marcato Atlas 150 will not be enough, you will have to look instead for an electric machine like the Lagrange or Philips model. Conversely, if you only want to make ravioli or even lasagna noodles, it will be more than enough. It is above all a question of verifying that all the functionalities that you expect from your device are possible.

The little extra to also take into account is the dryer. It will keep your pasta longer. It is an almost indispensable accessory and is frequently purchased following the purchase of a dough machine if it is not supplied with it, so do not skimp on this detail when choosing, or go to models like that of Lagrange which pre-drys pasta.

Possible options

When buying an electric pasta machine, you realize that it offers several features to facilitate cutting or kneading the dough. They vary according to the ranges and models. Your pasta machine will even be fully automatic and autonomous, making it considerably easier to make homemade pasta. Philips offers several stand-alone models ranging from a hundred euros for the HR2345/19 to almost double for the HR2382/10

The pre-drying option is also available, it will prevent your pasta from sticking together. This is an option offered by the Lagrange model. Another possible option, the integrated scale to be sure and certain not to wash a dough that is too sticky or too dry and therefore to make your dough a success every time.

It is all these options to take into account that will vary the price of your machine.

Tank capacity

Depending on the number of people you are at home, you will have to choose a more or less large tank for your machine. They generally offer a capacity ranging from 250 to 650 grams, more than enough for a family of 4 people, for example. For professional use or even for a large family, the 1 kg capacity models seem more appropriate.

What Types of Pasta Machines Are There on the Market?

Manual machine

The famous manual Italian pasta machines all work in the same way. To operate the mechanism, all you have to do is turn the crank. This process will flatten the dough. Before that, you will have to prepare your dough and knead it to finally cut your pasta into the desired shape. They are more malleable and easier to clean than electric machines. They allow you to make the pasta you dream of at a lower cost. Count between ten euros for plastic models and fifty for those in stainless steel.

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Electric machine Electric

machine à pates électrique

pasta machines are easy to use and offer even the less skilful the opportunity to make their own fresh pasta. Indeed, the machine will take care of making the dough alone in its tank, you will only have to pour in your ingredients and the machine will take care of the kneading and cutting. This type of machine requires much less effort and training than a conventional rolling mill.

However, all this time saved in the manufacture will be lost during cleaning since electric machines are longer and more complicated to clean than manual ones.

Much more expensive than a classic manual machine, you will need to think about your pasta consumption before investing so that it remains profitable for your wallet. Prices vary from a hundred euros for the Philips HR 2345/19 to almost €250 for the GSD 20 650 for example.

Accessories for pastry robot

Before investing in a pasta machine, it may be wise to check if you have a pastry robot, that there is not a compatible accessory allowing you to make your fresh pasta. They are much cheaper and bulkier than a machine reserved for this. To make them work, nothing could be simpler, you will need to attach the accessory to your robot, which, using the motor of your device, will make the pasta you dream of.

Why Make Your Own Pasta?

Making your own pasta allows faith to save money and enjoy an incomparable taste. The choice of fresh eggs and quality flour will have a considerable impact on the flavor of your pasta. It is also recommended to use a T55 type flour for making your pasta, it will replace the traditional durum wheat flour used by manufacturers. Not only tastefully speaking, it’s incomparable to industrial pasta, but also, it’s an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can do it yourself very well and much better than the big brands.

Is It Profitable To Make Your Pasta?

Buying a pasta machine is good, but is it really more profitable to make it yourself? Based on a portion for 4 people, the cost of eggs and flour is less than one euro. This is equivalent to a classic industrial pasta packet. But in terms of industrial fresh pasta, prices are around €5 per kilo. So if you are a fan of fresh pasta it will be more profitable to make them than to buy them.

Why Dry Fresh Pasta?

Drying your fresh pasta means above all offering them better preservation. In addition, many consumers prefer the “al dente” consistency of dry pasta, to the detriment of fresh pasta, which has a softer chew.

How to Dry Fresh Pasta?

It is possible to dry your fresh pasta using a dryer. All you have to do is place them on your dryer as if you were hanging out laundry. It will then be necessary to wait between a few hours and a few days depending on the size of the pasta so that they are completely dry. Otherwise it is also possible to pre-dry your pasta with electric machines with this option, such as the Lagrange model in particular.

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How To Use A Pasta Machine?

Again, depending on the model, the machine will not work the same way. For a manual one, it will be necessary to adjust the rollers to the desired thickness then use the crank to flatten your previously prepared dough. For an electric, nothing could be simpler, you just have to pour your eggs and your flour, the machine will take care of the rest. In just a few minutes, your dough will be ready and then cut.

How to clean a pasta machine?

To clean a paste machine, all you have to do is let the residue dry and you only have to brush it off. For a more thorough cleaning, it is also possible to completely clean your manual machine with water. For the electric ones, it will be necessary to dismantle the accessories which, depending on the model, will go in the dishwasher. For its pasta machines, the Philips brand has ensured that its accessories can go in the dishwasher in order to facilitate maintenance.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Pasta Maker?

A pasta machine can have a very long life. Italian grandmothers transmitted theirs. So how to be able to do the same? An electric machine will be less likely to last over time than a manual machine, but again, it all depends on the material from which it is made. If you want a durable dough machine, then it will be better to look at a manual stainless steel model such as the Marcato Atlas 150 or the Sailnovo.

What Types Of Pasta Will I Be Able To Make?

With most models, you will generally be able to make the classic tagliatelle, linguine, ravioli or even lasagna. For slightly more sophisticated models like the Philips HR 2382/10, more than ten pastes are possible thanks to its many shape discs. While for a classic sheeter such as the manual Sailnovo or the electric GSD, it is generally the classic ravioli, lasagna or even linguine that are achievable.

It all really depends on the features and accessories compatible with your model of pasta machine.

Where to Buy a Pasta Machine?

It is possible to buy a pasta machine in household appliances stores such as Darty or Boulanger or in those dedicated to the kitchen like Casa. However, we can often notice that the purchase of his machine would be less expensive on the Internet thanks to the many offers, reductions and resellers there. Sites such as Amazon offer very competitive prices.

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