Skimmer: How To Choose The Best Models Of 2022

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By using the right materials in the kitchen, we always want to create an exquisite recipe for the starter, the main course or the dessert. With a quality skimmer, it becomes easier to prepare your favorite dishes. This kitchen utensil is an essential ally of all cooks, especially pot-au-feu lovers. It almost looks like a ladle, except that its use is different from the latter.

The skimmer has become a decorative accessory in its own right in the kitchen. In order to personalize your kitchen space or to get your food out of a frying pan, you can select from the skimmer models sold on Amazon. To help you in your choice, we have listed for you the best and most popular skimmers on the market, enough to help you choose the one that suits you on a daily basis.

How To Choose A Skimmer?

Do you want to please your guests by preparing their favorite dishes? Once you have decided on the recipe to concoct, put the most practical kitchen utensils at your fingertips, namely your precious skimmer. An essential element of your cookware, this utensil will be very useful throughout your culinary preparations. However, you have to know which is the right skimmer that best suits your needs. Based on the following criteria, make your choice according to your preferences. your reading and make your choice according to your tastes and the following criteria.

The type

Designed for almost all preparations, the perforated skimmer is generally suitable for household use. However, it is important to choose the correct type of skimmer if you want to get the most out of this kitchen utensil.

  • You can, for example, opt for theserving skimmer, if you are looking for the right accessory to fish out the pieces of food from your sauce or broth. These types of products are much more compact.
  • As for thekitchen skimmer, it is only used to remove solid food from a liquid preparation in order to achieve perfect draining. These products are much less aesthetic, but they are quite practical.
  • Finally, we distinguish theperforated skimmer from the spider skimmer. This has a cobweb-shaped sieve and is very functional when using a fryer.
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To succeed in creating great recipes, you must take into account the quality and ergonomics of your skimmer. Thus, each of your preparations goes perfectly, and you will be satisfied with your culinary exploits. Choosing an ergonomic skimmer is, indeed, a good thing. By making you enjoy a good grip, it becomes easier to realize your gastronomic specialties. In this context, you must above all bet on the shape and material of the handle. Do not hesitate to opt for the curved handle if you prefer a practical and easy-to-use kitchen tool.

The material

Most skimmer manufacturers rely on stainless steel, because this material is renowned for its unequaled hygienic side as well as its resistance. It can also last over time, which will definitely satisfy your needs.

Copper skimmers are also available on the market. Much more attractive in their aesthetic design, they are made to add a certain touch of personality to your kitchen. These skimmers materials tend, indeed, to be both rustic and modern, which represents an ideal element to embellish your cooking space in a different way.

If you need an innovative kitchen skimmer, however, choose ones that are made of black nylon. These are surprisingly strong and can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C. In addition, they are not likely to suffer scratches, due to the quality of the material.

The ideal color

Black, silver, natural… a whole variety of skimmer colors are available in stores or on the web to please all kitchen fans without exception. You can choose the silver metal skimmers if you want to create an aesthetic ambiance in your kitchen. Is your kitchen more of a neutral color? The best is skimmers in bright colors to enhance the decor. Finally, don’t forget to match the color of your skimmer to that of your cookware to maintain a good harmony.

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What type of skimmer to use in the professional field?

In a restaurant or in a company canteen, chefs always need a professional skimmer. This kitchen utensil is very useful for the preparation of different dishes in a certain time.

Why Use A Spider Skimmer?

For your information, the kitchen utensil called “spider” is also part of the skimmers family. It is characterized by a large spoon usually made of steel wire and round in shape, precisely in the form of a spider’s web. These types of skimmer allow professional cooks to easily and quickly retrieve food bits (doughnuts, fries, etc.) from a fryer or broth. Some also use them to remove fish fillets while preserving their flesh.

Why do we skim a broth?

Admittedly, this step is not essential during cooking, but skimming a broth is the best way to improve its taste.

Why Use A Skimmer?

A skimmer is a perfect tool, first of all, to skim off unwanted matter from the surface of your preparations. It also makes it possible to effectively separate the egg white from the yolk, but above all to easily fish fried foods such as donuts or others.

Why Use A Skimmer?

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There is more to using a skimmer than just a drip system. You can also use this utensil for other actions in the kitchen. Besides removing scum from your cooking, you can also use your skimmer in many other circumstances.

It acts as a strainer

In the absence of a strainer, your perforated skimmer will play this role perfectly at all times. Depending on the model, quality and brand of your skimmer, you can place it just above a container of the same diameter to separate solid foods from liquids.

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It cooks an egg perfectly

To save time in the kitchen, there is no need to use a frying pan or other dedicated utensils to cook your egg. Just take your slotted spoon and cook the egg on the small basket. The method of cooking depends, of course, on your preferences. You can cook the egg white and yolk together or cook the egg white first, then add the yolk a little later for successful cooking.

It removes excess fat from your soup or broth

Your skimmer, whatever its shape, is the perfect accessory for removing excess fat from your culinary preparations. However, here is a more efficient technique to accomplish this task. Place a few ice cubes on the basket of your skimmer. Then immerse the utensil in your soup or broth, so that it lets the fat stick freely to the ice cubes and remove the latter to obtain a perfect result.

Managing to create good recipes is not obvious, when you lack good materials in the kitchen. A fundamental device for professionals and kitchen fans, the skimmer is one of those essential utensils in a cooking area. Whatever model, type or material of skimmer you choose in our comparison of the best skimmers, this accessory essentially contributes to the success of your dishes, and this, in any occasion.

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